About Call4Food

About Us | PG lunch, corporate lunch, industrial lunch, Ghar ka Khana

The Management Team

The Three Idiots looks to develop the business and ensure overall customer satisfaction, the first idiot is in charge of the corporate lunch system,  the second idiot ensures the smooth day-to-day running of online and the third idiot cook us dream.

Our Story

About Us | PG lunch, corporate lunch, industrial lunch, Ghar ka khana, we have lots of things that make us different and mean we are always offering our clients the best possible service.

Our Food

Our talented kitchen team, and indeed the whole team at call4food, are very passionate about us | PG lunch, corporate lunch, industrial lunch, Ghar ka khana, the food we produce.

We try new items, comment weekly about the taste and look of the dishes, canvas as much feedback as possible from our clients, and use this all to make call4food the best it can be.

Corporate lunch supplier in Kolkata, PG lunch, hostel lunch
Corporate lunch supplier in Kolkata, PG lunch, hostel lunch
We’re Call 4 Food

India’s fastest growing on-demand food company. Our 3 pillars of taste, tech and logistics define our goal to ensure a delightful end-to-end experience every single time. We have revolutionized the Indian food industry.

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The Kitchen Team
About Us | PG lunch, corporate lunch, industrial lunch, Ghar ka khana,

Led by our shift leaders Feroz Alam and their team members all work together to produce our quality buffets, homemade soups, hot specials as well as catering for one-off events.

Our Retail Team

Directly serving our retail customers across our vans and site-specific trolley offerings Tracy and Sharon are the friendly faces of VanVend, or as we are going to start calling then Call4food on the Go – getting to know our retail customers and working with the kitchen team to tailor our offerings.

The Delivery Team

Getting our quality buffets and corporate packed lunches out to our customers across Herts, Beds, Bucks, Middlesex and Essex Dean and Simone rack up the miles in our refrigerated and GPS tracked vans – with assistance from Brian, Mike and Jon on very busy days.


Founder Hotel Management graduate, MBA, Executive Education and Professional Development Program from NIM University. having 15 years of diversified hospitality management expertise, being associated with leading hotels.

  • Ginger Hotels.
  • Sarovar Hotels.
  • Keys Hotels.
  • Treebo Hotels.

The founder has established himself as a trusted ‘turn around expert’. he enjoys the challenge of converting the loss into a profit, having worked within the corporate structure of leading hotel companies.

  • operations management.
  • project & site management.
  • Planning Resource Planning.
  • Conceptualization of unique food & beverage concepts.
  • Budgeting and Control.

Feroz Alam is a seasoned hospitality veteran with 10 years of dynamic experience with the winner of several awards, accolades and letters of appreciation, Mr Alam fans and peers count on him for perfection in every dish, delivering under pressure, creating gourmet experiences that linger long after the meal is over.

  • ITC Sonar Bangla.
  • Atco food (Damman Saudi Arabia).
  • Carnival Cruise Lines (U.S.A).
  • Operations.
  • Creative Menu Development.
  • Fine Dining/A la carte/Banquet Service.
  • Price Structuring Cost Containment.
  • Team Building Training.
  • Planning Special Events.
  • Quality Control.
  • Profit Enhancement.
  • Safety Sanitation.
  • Systems Automation.
  • Inventory/Purchasing.

Co-Founder has done their B. Tech from Rajasthan Technical University Kota and also done Data Scientist from IVY Pro School Kolkata, Co-Founder has 4 years of work experience in IT Industries. he has worked with reputed companies in India.

  • Data Analyst.
  • Website Designing.
  • Website Development.
  • Maintaining IT Infrastructure.
  • Windows Servers.