19 Sep

Packed Meal Delivery to Corporate :

We deliver foods to Corporate House & Public Sectors who want to provide their employees with fresh and healthy lunches. We deliver 5 course or 8-course lunch boxes which are packed in modern, convenient packaging and is cooked under high hygiene standards. Our well planned, balanced meals are healthy and best fit for workplace eating

Packed Meals for Events :

Our packed meals are suitable for events in outdoor locations or places where major dining options are unavailable.

Pick up Point :

Our Packed Meal also available 5 Places @Kolkata from 1:00 pm to 2:00 points are Bara Bazar, Esplanade, Sector V, Sealdah & Rajharhat.

Travel Food – Packed Thalis (Meal) Delivery to Trains/Airport:

We are the most meal delivery service in Kolkata, brings packed meals for Travellers. We deliver at Trains/Airport for groups of 25 and more or a minimum order of Rs.1500.Our Travel Food Packs starts from Rs. 100. We provide both veg and non-veg Meal Packs.

Food For PG/Hostels:

We have monthly food scheme for  PG/Hotels

Food Delivery for House Parties / Social Occasions

We serve Indian & Chinese food for House Parties and get-togethers. The menu can be customized as per guest choice. Minimum Order 30 heads to 200 heads.

Corporate Canteen Management:

Manage Corporate Canteen/Industrial Canteen/Hospitals/Colleges & Schools with employees ranging from minimum 150 to maximum 500 per day.

Pre-Book Your Meal:

You can book your meal in advance through our website www.call4food.com