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corporate canteen services

Call4Food’s main concern is to establish itself as the top-notch Corporate Lunch Supplier in Kolkata and through the insights across multiple disciplines of what is needed to achieve full-fledged services of corporate lunch.

Industrial Canteen Services

Irrespective of whatever work they might be engaged in, people working are bound to get hungry, and the provision of food is a definitive sign of an affirming employer. With energy and stamina levels intrinsically high among the working and toiling force, you can very well expect that there should be a greater amount of productive work done and higher engagement altogether. You can also expect that employees shall come to regard your employment as one of the most affirming ones out there.

Office Lunch & Dinner

As a food manufacturing and provisioning business, Call4Food also operates as an individual’s way of ensuring that all his/her food intake concerns are inimitably satisfied across the board. Providing such services is our speciality, and we aim at creating a positive sense of translation with regards to bringing about an affirming quality of food in the exact way that has been expected by an office going, individual.

Transit Food

There are a number of considerations to be made when you are provisioning food for customers upon a transit system. The entirety of offerings may come undone, but Call4Food actually succeeds by excelling in it. Perhaps the best transit food service in Kolkata, we have set a standard in ensuring a holistic guarantee regarding all considerations to be made from the extent of gathering raw materials to the delivery at your doorstep directly.

Event Special Food

Call4Food takes under consideration the complete and effective supply of food across events, which can involve the conglomeration of a large number of people with a common purpose of work or celebration. To this end, we take expressed requests from all kinds of organizers and propose our provisions under budget.


Call4Food has full-blown large order menus ready to be supplied to you ‘en masse’, and it will most definitely guarantee that the event is a resounding success. For this very reason and much more, your momentous occasion in life whether you are celebrating the ‘bond of forever’, or your very own passing of age, our services are always at ready for your benefit and enjoyment. Have a great day and you might remember it down the road even better if Call4Food is at your direct service.


Home delivery Food certainly has great deals of positivity in them, which you just cannot ignore. If you’re a normal human being, concerned about your health, you will gravitate towards healthy food.


We completely understand that people of age, or senior citizens often find it difficult to even perform the daily tasks of the day successfully. As a result, Call4Food certainly calls it an honour when our demands are also required by such people, and we dearly hope that they may find great satisfaction and relief that anyone receives after taking in good homemade food for meals.

Outdoor Catering

As noted by the title, Call4Food services some special catering needs of a high order and budget out there in the middle of nature, and removed from all the bustle and tight schedules of city life. The events under these conditions are deemed to be greatly significant, as well as important, to the extent that there are a whole lot of considerations undertaken.